Auto Shinez Mobile Detailing 

Auto Shinez Mobile Detailing 


Lexington & Columbia SC Mobile Auto Detailing Service’s & Ceramic Coating 

Service Areas & Business Hours

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Lexington SC, Columbia SC, Irmo SC, Chapin SC, Lake Murray of Richland SC, Oak Grove SC, Cayce SC, West Columbia SC, Cayce SC & Springdale SC 

  • Business Hours

  • Sun-Mon
  • 6:00 A.M - 11:00 P.M 

Providing Auto Detailing Services in Lexington SC & the Midlands for 7+ years, check out our Detailing & Cleaning Service’s

- 3-5 year Graphene Ceramic Coating 

-7-10 year ShineXPro Ceramic Coating

- Full Interior Detailing

-Interior Deep Cleaning

-Steam Cleaning

-Stain & Odor Removal

-Pet hair removal

-Carpet & Seat Shampooing

-Leather Treatment & Conditioning

-Full Exterior Detailing 

-High speed Buffing

-3 Step Paint Corrections

-Waterspot Removal

-Clay Bar Treatments

-Scratch & Swirl Removal

-Headlight Restoration

-Trim Restoration

-Mold Removal

-Boat Detailing & Waxing 

-Boat Wash

-Fleet Vehicle Detailing 

-Now offering A/C Recharging

Chemicals & Products are environment friendly

Best Mobile Detailing Services in Lexington & Columbia SC

1 year Wax, with Polymer Sealant

1 year Wax, with Polymer Sealant

Auto Detailing near Lexington SC Car Detailing Service & Car Cleaning Services 

We offer a wide range of Detailing Packages to fit your budget at anyone's convenience. We are a Mobile Auto & Boat Detailing Service. Servicing Columbia SC, Lexington SC, Chapin SC, Irmo SC, West Columbia SC, Cayce SC & the neighboring area with a Luxury Car Detailing experience. We supply Power & Water. We handle each vehicle with attentive care. Upon Car Detail being complete, customers will inspect their cleaned ride & verify complete satisfaction.

We are Mobile & Come to you !! At work or the comfort of your home !!

Fees & Payment Methods

•We accept credit/debit cards, cash, or checks as method of payment 

•Clients may schedule vehicle drop off or vehicle pickup.

  • 20+ miles Travel Fees will apply

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Paint Corrections & Protecting Cars Clear Coat 

Paint Protection is very important. Avoiding Car Washes are vital to your vehicles clear coat & paint. The brushes & Soap provided by mechanical car washes damage the coating on your paint . Degreaser is what they pour on to your vehicle to replace car soap as well as the brushes used leave swirls & scratches threw out your clear coat . Then will lead to you having to pay more buffing out swirls and scratches. 

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Spring Car Detailing 

Springtime brings more daylight and intense sunbeams. These UV rays might lead to the color fading and wearing out of the inside parts of your vehicle, like the panel in front where you control things, places to sit, and edge decorations. Professional detailing involves putting on UV protection to keep the sun’s damaging rays from causing early aging and cracks in your car’s inside.

The cold season’s weather can cause a lot of damage to the outside of your car, creating a coating composed of salt, sand and dirt that comes from roads. These impurities not only reduce how nice your vehicle looks but might also lead to rust and harm both the paintwork and the parts beneath the car

Summer Detailing 

Having your vehicle Detailed in the summer time is vital to your Vehicle. Interior vinyl & plastics eventually fade and weakened from the sun & heat causing plastics to eventually crack . 

Exterior is even more vital to your vehicles clear coat. Causing oxidation to your paint & clear coat . Which eventually need more attention with buffing stages. Get your vehicle protected with our top quality waxes , polishes & Sealants

Benefits of Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Compounds, Polishing, a Glaze & Polymer Sealants

Waxing Services & Paint Correction

Waxing Services & Paint Correction

  1. Raises Vehicles Value by At least 10-12%
  2. Waxing & Polishing Protects Vehicles Clear Coat from being damaged by contaminates & oxidization.
  3. Vinyls & Plastics Dressed & protected from UV rays & potential weakening / cracking
  4. Keeping Germs Regulated
  5. Keeping Carpet / Seats Clean & Preventing ripping or tearing 
RV Detailing & Cleaning Services

RV Detailing & Cleaning Services

3 Step Paint Correction

3 Step Paint Correction

Regularly having your vehicle detailed keeps your cars value up 10-12% and keeps interior disinfected and germ free

Regularly having your vehicle detailed keeps your cars value up 10-12% and keeps interior disinfected and germ free

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