Auto Shinez Mobile Detailing 

Auto Shinez Mobile Detailing 


Pricing & Packages

Add on Detailing Services

You may add on to any Auto Detailing Package

Pricing Varies

  • Headlight Restoration
  • Engine Bay Wash
  • Trim Restoration
  • Ozone machine 
  • Buffing 
  • Paint Correction 
  • Underbody Wash 
  • Ac Recharging 

 3-5 year Graphene Ceramic Coating 

Clear Coat Protected Up to 75,000 miles

3-5 year protection

Prices starting at $600

Vehicle is hand washed followed by clay barring to remove all elements and contaminants from clear coat . If needed, 1 step polish will be included to remove oxidization and any blemishes remaining on top of clear coat . After ceramic spray prep is applied Then we properly flash Graphene coating on the entire exterior of your vehicle . Leaving a harden thin layer resembling glass . Vehicle will maintain coat for 3 - 5 years . 

Avoid car washes and harsh chemicals on ceramic coating. 

Schedule a maintenance preventive detail with us . 

Commercial Trucks/Vehicles

Prices starting at $150

Exterior foam cannon handwash, tires cleaned, rims shined, towel dry . Extra charges apply for Buffing stages. 

Interior disinfected, vinyl & plastics cleaned, Door jams, vacuuming, carpet shampooing extraction.

No refunds after vehicle inspected 

Boat Washing & Detailing

Prices starting at $150 

$15 per foot

Exterior foam cannon hand wash, clay barring, towel dry, ceramic wax sealant 

interior vacuuming, extracting, vinyls & plastics cleaned & disinfected. Ask for pricing on buffing and Boat Waxing 

Mold / Odor Removal 

Prices starting at Cars $150 SUVS& Trucks $200

Interior deep cleaned and disinfected. Ozone machine ran circulating through the cabin and inside of vehicle will kill any germs or bacteria left from the Mold . The infected area will be cleaned and treated followed by Ozone machine to insure mold enzymes and germs are killed .

Exterior Only Package

Prices Starting at Cars $150 SUVS & Trucks $200

3 step buffing, customers choice of wax, compound, polishing and a 3 step paint correction

Exterior foam cannon wash, clay bar treatment, wheels cleaned , rims cleaned , rims polished , tires shined ,3 step buffing, customers choice of 2 yr wax and sealant , or ceramic spray wax sealant (1 yr protection)  headlight restoration and trim restored included

No refunds after vehicle inspection

Interior Only Package 

Cars $150 SUVS/Trucks $200

Extra charges will apply for dog hair, mold, stains/odor & Conditions of Vehicle.

Interior Only, Carpet & Seat Shampooing, Stain Extracting, under & between seats vacuumed, Steam Cleaning, plastics & vinyls cleaned, buttons, crevases, door jams, cup holders, floor mats, gas & brake pedals, plastics dressed with UV protectant.

No refunds after Payment is Processed

Simple Shinez Package

Prices starting at Cars $125 SUVS & Trucks $150

Exterior Foam Cannon Soap HandWash  towel dry, Ceramic Spray Wax Sealant, Interior Vacuumed , Plastics & Vinyls Cleaned & Dressed , Disinfected , Door Jams, Floor mats Cleaned 

Extra charges for Buffing & Waxing

No refunds after payment is processed

Super Shinez Package

Prices starting at Cars $200 SUVs & Trucks $250

Extra charges may apply

Exterior foam cannon Hand wash, wheels & under body washed, rims cleaned & polished, 1 step paint correction, 1 year wax applied, tires shined & trim restored
Interior carpet shampooing & extraction, light stains removed, seat shampooing or leather treated & conditioned, vinyl & plastics disinfected & cleaned, door jams, buttons & between seats vacuumed, door pockets, cup holders & plastics dressed 

No refunds after payment completion

Platinum Shinez Package 

Prices starting at Cars $275 SUVs & Trucks $325 

Extra charges may apply!

Perfect in between Package !!

Exterior Foam Cannon Hand Wash, Clay Bar Treatment, Fender Wells, Tires Cleaned, Rims & Rim Hubs Cleaned & Polished (IRON REMOVAL), Spotless Rinse, Towel Dried, Tires Shined, Trim Restored, Head light Restoration, Gas Cap, Door & Trunk jams or Truck Bed Cleaned, 2 Stage Buffing, Scratch & Swirls Removed, 1 Year Wax Protection with Sealant .  Interior Plastic Disinfected & Dressed,Cup Holders, Door Pockets, Under Seats Vacuumed, Head liner Cleaned, Leather Treated & Conditioned, Carpet Shampooing & Extraction,  Stain/Odor Removal, Glass Cleaned, Protective Dressing on plastics & vinyls to prevent Damage from UV rays & weather. 

No refunds After Payment Completion

Showroom Shinez Package

Prices starting at Cars $350 SUVs & Trucks $400

Full Exterior & Full Interior

Foam cannon wash, engine bay, Claybar Treatment to remove contaminants from clear coat,dried , 2 stage buffing, polishing , 2 yr wax sealant, polish applied, trim restore, door jams , head light restoration, underbody , wheels & rims cleaned , tires shined , rims polished exhaust top polished, interior vacuumed, plastics and vinyl cleaned , door jams cleaned , interior disinfected , leather conditioner, buttons cleaned , carpets shampooing, carpets extracted , steam cleaning, seats shampood, seats extracted , all glass cleaned, spray shine , protectant on plastics! Dog hair and mold/odor removal included. 
No refunds after vehicle inspection

New Car Resale Package

Prices starting at Cars $425 SUVs & Trucks $475 

Engine Bay Wash & Dressed, Foam Cannon Hand-wash, Clay Bar Treatment, Water spots Removed, Oxidized paint  , 3 Step Paint Correction, 2 year wax , Polished, Wax Sealant, Tires cleaned, Rims cleaned & polished , Tires Shined, Trim restored, Head lights Restored & Coated, under body wash, Door jams.

Interior Carpet Shampooing & Stain Extraction, Between seats vacuumed , Plastics & vinyl cleaned, windows cleaned, Buttons & Door pockets cleaned , Cup Holders cleaned, Seat Shampooing, Seat extraction or leather treated & conditioned, trunk jams , interior dressed for Protection.

Our New Car package raises your vehicles value by 10-12% for a show room presentation for the highest resale value.

No refunds after payment completion

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